rosebuds with macrame {floral collection}

Size Guide

Our large signature micro pave rosebud sits front and center on a braided cord macrame bracelet with an adjustable sliding knot closure and center logo lock bead.

sterling silver and CZ with 18K yellow gold or rhodium plating

rose is 18 mm {~ ¾”}; braided cord is 1.4 mm {~1/16”} in diameter
Bracelet size is made to order. See the size guide for made to order instructions. 

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Size Guide
Our bracelets are customized to fit you perfectly. Please submit along with every bracelet order both your wrist size and your desired fit level. 

To measure your wrist, use a flexible ruler, or cut a strip of paper or piece of string and wrap it around your wrist until the ends meet. Measure the paper or string along a ruler. That is your wrist size. 

Fit levels: Choose Comfort or Loose

Comfort: we add ~1/4" to your wrist size
{if we don't add at least 1/4" the bracelet will not fit}.  
Loose: we add ~1/2" to your wrist size.

 Please provide your wrist size and your desired bracelet fit in the message box on the shopping cart page.

If you forget to do so, please e-mail us at and reference your order number. If we have to contact you for size information, it may delay the processing of your order.